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摘要:College of Environmental Science and Forestry。


College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Address 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210   #82  
Phone 3154706600   Fax 3154706933    
Academic Calender: Semester        
Undergraduate Students  1586   International Students 1%  
Graduate Students 543   Male/Female 58/42  
Total Applications 1677   Average High School GPA 3.8  
Freshmen Accepted 723   Average Transfer GPA NA  
Freshmen Enrolled 283   Acceptance Rate  43%  
SAT Mid 50% 1190-1240   Freshmen Retention Rate 87%    
ACT Mid 50% 24-28   Student to Faculty Ratio 13 to 1    
77% of Classes have fewer than 20 Students   Annual Tuition  
16% of classes have 20-49 students   In-State $5,946  
          Out-of-State $13,846  
Internationa Language Requirements   Application Fee $50  
TOEFL  PBT CBT IBT          
550 213 79          
IELTS 6.0          
SAT Verbal Minimum NA          
2011 US News Rankings
Undergraduate Rankings
82 National Universities   36 Top Public Schools
144 Best Engineering Schools 124 High School Counselor Ranking
Where Doctorate is highest degree offered 50 Best Value Schools
Graduate Rankings
No Rank Best Engineering Schools   140 Chemistry
55 Environental / Environmental Health 89 Earth Sciences
160 Biological Sciences    
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 Undergraduate International Admissions:


Undergraduate International Application Requirements S
Freshmen  Transfer
SUNY Application Common Application SUNY Application Common Application U
ESF Supplement
ESF Teacher Recommendation  School Report1 ESF Teacher Recommendation  School Report1 N
Academic Teacher Evalutaion1 Academic Teacher Evalutaion1
$50 Application Fee
High School Transcripts2 College AND High School Transcripts4  
SAT or ACT Scores3 E
Financial Evidence6 S
English Transcription of Transcripts (preferrably NACES)
Submission of FSA forms F
Copy of passport
Note: Applicants for the 2+2 or 3+3 programs with Upstate Medical, or through EOP, must use SUNY application.
1  School Report and Academic Teacher Evaluation are a part of the Common Application.
2  High school transcript should (must, for EA) include first quarter grades for senior year.
4  You maybe asked to provide a mid-term grade report for current semester.
5  See Language Proficiency chart below for satisfaction requirements.
6  Financial evidence for the first year of study is needed. Applicant must complete FSA-4 form and provide a credible documentary evidence of their funding.
Language Proficiency Requirements
TOEFL PBT 550 Syracuse University English Language Institute "ELI" Completion of ELI "Level 4"
CBT 213
IBT 79 Previous college-level instruction in English Completion of at least one year of academic studies (not English language instruction) at an institution where English was the language of instruction.
STEP EIKEN Grade Pre-1 Successful completion of at least one semester at SUNY ESF
ELS Level 112
* IELTS - No less than 5 in writing.
Application Deadlines for 2012   School Codes  
Spring All Applicants November 1st 2011*   SAT 2530  
Fall Early Decision December 1st 2011   ACT 2948  
Freshmen January 15th 2012*   TOEFL 2530  
Guaranteed Transfer February 1st 2012        
Transfer March 1st 2012*        
* Application received after this date will be considered on a space available basis        
Required Forms      
Common Application FSA2-Autobiographic Essay      
SUNY Application FSA3-English Proficiency Report      
ESF Supplement FSA4-Foreign Student Financial Statement      
New UG International Student Information Form (needed for I-20)      
Teacher Recommendation (freshmen)      
I-20 Issuance for International Students
An I-20, required for the F-1 student visa application, will be issued once a student has:
1. Been officially admitted to ESF;
2. Submitted adequate financial support documentation for at least one year of expenses at ESF;
3. Submitted the Commitment to Enroll Form (included in the acceptance materials) indicating that you will attend ESF in the upcoming semester;
4. Submitted the New International Student Information Form
1. New Undergraduate International Student Information Form
2. New Graduate International Student Information Form
5. Submitted a passport copy.
Once all of the above materials have been received, an I-20 will be issued and mailed to the prospective international student by either Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School.


 Tuition & Cost:


2011-2012 Rates Undergraduate Rates  Graduate Rates
Expenses ESF/Syracuse Campus (BS)  
Tuition (full-time) $14,320 $15,160
Fees $971 $856
Health Insurance (2011-2012 rate) $1,145 $1,145
Books and Supplies $1,200 $1,200
Room $6,654 $6,665
Board (meals) $7,378 $3,470
Personal Expenses $450 $450
Transportation $800 $800
Total estimated expenses $32,918 $29,746
Dependent Expenses   Dependent Health Insurance Cost
For spouse $8,040 $670 / month   Spouse $2455.20 / year
For first child $4,800 $400 / month   Child $1322.40 / year
For each additional child $3,600 $300 / month        



Environmental Science & Forestry Undergraduate Majors
Associate in Applied Science (AAS)1
Environmental & Natural Resource Conservation Land Surveying Technology
Forest Technology  
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA)
Landscape Architecture
★ Site Design
★ Urban and Regional Planning
★ Historic Preservation
★ Community and Environmental Design
★ Computer Applications
★ Off-Campus Study Program
Bachelor of Science (BS)
Aquatic and Fisheries Science Environmental Studies
★ Biology and diversity of aquatic animals and plants ☆ Environmental Policy, Planning and Law
★ Application of ecological principles to understand and manage aquatic resources  ☆ Environmental Communication, Culture and Writing
☆ Biological Science Applications
★ Hands-on ecosystem studies in Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Thousand Islands Region, and Atlantic coast Forest Ecosystem Science
★ Combining forestry and environmental biology
Bioprocess Engineering Forest Health
★ Biologically based engineering program focused on renewable resources and sustainable practices ★ Multidisciplinary studies leading to the understanding and protection of the world"s forest resources   
★ Flexibility to focus on the engineering, biology, and chemistry of ecologically sound industrial technologies and processes ★ Identification and impact of biological agents of disease
★ Preparation for state and federal positions and for additional graduate work  
★ Career Possibilities in bioengineering, resource engineering, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and environmental engineering
★ Identification and impact of biological agents of disease, injury and mortality  
Biotechnology ★ Preparation for industry, state and federal positions and for additional graduate work   
★ Plant Biotechnology
★ Phytoremediation and bioremediation Forest Resources Management
★ Alternative Energy and Materials ★ Forest Management
★ Conservation of Endangered Plant Species ★ Forest Ecology and Biology
Chemistry ★ Forest Measurements
★ Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry of Natural Products ★ Forest Policy and Administration
Natural History and Interpretation
★ Environmental Chemistry ★ Patterns and relationships in the natural world
★ Natural and Synthetic Polymer Chemistry ★ Identification, life history, distribution, and abundance of organisms   
★ Secondary Science Teacher Certification2
Conservation Biology ★ Interpretation and communication of knowledge to diverse audiences using modern methods   
★ Application of science to conserve the earth"s imperiled species and ecosystems
Natural Resources Management
★ Focus on biological diversity and value of nature ★ Environmental and Natural Resources Management
★ Integration of biological perspectives with social, economic and legislative ones  ★ Recreation Resources Management
★ Water Resources Management
Construction Management Paper Engineering
★ Management of sustainable construction processes ★ Chemical engineering-based education applied to the pulp, paper, and related chemical industries
hemical engineering-based education applied to the pulp, paper, and related chemical industries
★ Analysis and design of structural components and systems
★ Courses focus on both prodcut and process design
★ Emphasis on environmental and engineering issues ★ Internships and co-ops provide practical, hands-on experience in the field
★ 30 hour OSHA Certification and Level 1 Certified Professional Constructor Exam
Paper Science
Environmental Biology ★ Balanced program of science, engineering and technology applied to the pulp and paper industry   
★ Flexible, broad-based degree program in biological sciences 
★ Flexibility to focus on a variety of areas including management and computer systems 
★ Orientation to natural resources and environmental concerns
★ Careers in technical service, product development, process and environmental improvement, management   
★ Secondary Science Teacher Certification2
Environmental Resources Engineering Wildlife Science
★ Forest Engineering ★ Use of ecological knowledge to manage populations of wildlife
★ Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
★ Mapping Science ★ Emphasis on wildlife management issues ranging from endangered to overabundant species and their associated habitats 
★ Geographic Information Systems
★ Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Science ★ Integration of ecology, economics, and social dimensions to strike a balance between the needs of wildlife and the needs of people  
☆ Environmental Information and Mapping
☆ Watershed Science
☆ Health and the Environment ★ Emphasis on biology and ecology of vertebrates as well as plants and invertebrates   
☆ Earth and Atmospheric Systems Science
☆ Environmental Analysis          
☆ Environmental Engineering Science          
☆ Renewable Energy          
ESF Minors Special Programs
* Bioprocess Science Honors Program
* Chemistry Pre-Health Advisement
* Computer and Information Technology Pre-Law Program
* Construction Management Pre-Public Administration
* Environmental Writing & Rhetoric Writing Program
* Paper Science Transfer Articulation Agreement with SUNY Upstate Medical University
* Recreation Resource and Protected Area Management
* Renewable Energy The 3+3 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
* Sustainable Construction Management          
* Urban Environmental Science          
* Marketing2 1 AAS programs are offered at the Ranger School
* Management Studies2 2 Joint program with Syracuse University
* Entrepreneurship2 ESF Undergraduate Majors Website


Guaranteed    Transfer:

◆ Under this option, students may apply for admission during their senior year of high school for transfer to SUNY-ESF for a future entry date.
◆  On the SUNY Application or The Common Application you will use the upcoming fall semester of entry.  
◆ and on the SUNY-ESF Supplemental Application you must enter your expected future semester of entry to indicate your interest in being considered for admission under Guaranteed Transfer.
◆ Successful applicants for this option must present a strong high school academic background including at least three years each of college preparatory mathematics and science.
◆ Students admitted through the GT program must satisfactorily complete coursework equivalent to the requirements for their intended program of study with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 (A=4.000). 
◆ Courses completed with less than a ‘C’ grade will not transfer for credit and may impact the student’s status under the Guarantee Transfer option. 
Cooperative Colleges  
In the State of New York  
Adirondack Community College Monroe  Community College  
Alfred State  State University Morrisville State College State University  
Broome  Community College Nassau County  Community College  
Cayuga County Community College Niagara County Community College  
Clinton  Community College North Country Community College  
Columbia Greene Community College Onondaga County Community College  
Corning  Community College Orange County Community College  
Dutchess County  Community College Rockland County Community College  
Erie (City Campus) Community College Schenectady Community College  
Erie (North) Community College Suffolk County Community College  
Erie (South) Community College Sullivan County Community College  
Finger Lakes Community College SUNY Cobleskill Technology College  
Fulton-Montgomery Community College SUNY Canton Technology College  
Genesee  Community College SUNY Delhi Technology College  
Herkimer County  Community College Syracuse University National University  
Hudson Valley  Community College Tompkins Cortland Community College  
Jamestown  Community College Ulster County Community College  
Jefferson County  Community College Westchester County Community College  
Mohawk Valley  Community College      
Out of State Colleges   
Berkshire Community College Holyoke Community College  
Bucks County, PA Community College Northampton Community College  
See "Guaranteed Transfer" Section            




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